Innovative log building

Our new innovative Stronglog is the very latest development in log industry. While cross laminated CLT technology based non-settling logs have a weak mechanical strength, this new solution is offering even better load-bearing strength compared to normal laminated logs. This will allow longer span and offer more freedom of architecture. Stronglog can be manufactured also with long corners while CLT based solutions can’t be (due to worse weather proof of cross laminated logs ends, which can’t be left visible).

Of course also dovetail and modern city corner angles will be available as corner solutions. Also modern city corner angle includes new and improved technical details that further improve tight sealing of the corner.

Stronglog is available with 150 mm / 200 mm / 250 mm and 300 mm thickness.

While CLT based solutions are typical compromises, which do solve one issue but, but at the same time are creating two new problems. New Stronglog innovation solve settling question without compromising any other technical characteristics or qualities of logs. In short we have here a fantastic product

We are happy to say that we are at the forefront of development to offer this great new product to our clients.

New non-settling log material for modern log house construction. The size of the log on the photo is 200x372 mm, but it is also available in 150 mm / 250 mm and 300 mm thickness. Profile heights are: 272 mm / 372 mm / 720 mm / 1260 mm.

New STRONGLOG non-settling log

Aivalable from aito Log House

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